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Industrial Waterproofing Products & Services

RIS (WA) Pty Ltd.are the WA distributor for a full range of waterproofing membranes which include Blind side / underslab sheet membranes, Bitumem peel and stick sheet membranes, 1 part and 2 part polyurethanes, polyureas and water based acrylic polymers


Preprufe is a unique, preformed multi-layer sheet of tough high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a special reactive adhesive and a protective coating. When concrete is poured onto or against Preprufe it bonds by a chemical, cold fusion reaction to give a permanent adhesive union.


Advanced, self adhesive, water, moisture and gas proofing membrane for sub-structures.

The original cold applied waterproofing sheet membrane invented by W.R. Grace in 1965. The unique qualities of Bituthene waterproofing systems continue to protect major projects in Australia and worldwide.

Bituthene 3000 a self adhesive membrane ( peel and stick ) is a high performance cold applied flexible preformed waterproofing membrane comprising a high performance cross laminated HDPE carrier with a self adhesive rubber compound

Bituthene 5000 has all the same manufacturing qualities as Bituthene 3000 but with an additional layer of heat resistant polypropylene reinforcing to enable use under hot applied asphalt

1 and 2 part polyurethanes & accessories

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Water based polymers & accessories

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